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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Four years ago if you had asked me if Lab Created diamonds would takeover the diamond industry and replace earth-grown diamonds as the main center stone for an engagement ring I would have told you "absolutely not". At the time, Lab Grown diamonds were just as expensive as earth-grown diamonds with very little upside. Labs were unable to produce the melee stones needed to make a ring completely "lab grown" so you'd have a mix of lab and earth diamonds in each piece.

Fast forward to today and Lab Diamonds are changing the industry. 80% of my clients are now making engagement rings with lab grown center stones. Not only are lab grown diamonds significantly less expensive than earth grown diamonds but they now come in those tiny sizes which reduced the cost of the entire ring- allowing couples to truly get their "dream ring" right away without promises of a future upgrade.

Lab grown diamonds are just that- diamonds grown above the ground. They are chemically a diamond, they look and feel exactly as a diamond should with no visual difference. The unknown lies with the future and the resale market of lab grown diamonds since they simply haven't existed long enough for us to know how they'll maintain their value.

Current pricing would allow you to purchase a 1CT Round Brilliant Lab Grown diamond for about $2,400 USD, a natural earth grown diamond of the same size and quality would run you about $6,200. There's no question that if desired stone size and budget aren't compatible, Lab Grown diamonds give an incredible solution.

If you'd like to know more about diamonds (lab or earth grown) or have questions about pricing please contact me- I'd love to chat with you.

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